Sunday, 1 February 2015

Rough designs:

Jekyll roughs:


coloured sketch of sexy girl:

Doodle sketch:


Boil design and devil sketch for Treasure Island series:

Bouncing head sketch:

Hyde concept sketch:

Hyde concept sketch:

Doodle sketch of kid:

Design sketches for Nelvana's feature idea for a Dragon movie:

More concept sketches for Nelvana's Dragon feature:

Hipster & Jack design:

Fish N Chips layout sketch:

The Mob sketch design:

The Mob concept sketches:

The Mob:

Rough concept design for a possible series, not sure if it ever got made?

Various design sketches:

Believe it or not I did have hair at one time!! 

Rough concept sketches for Attack The Block:

Rough layout sketch for Iconicles:

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