Sunday, 1 February 2015

More examples of designs on the Last Pope feature: Plus Iconicles designs:

Example of thumbnail boards over Iconicles script, for speed I approached much of the boarding for the series working directly onto the script as well as rough thumbnail sketches on postage notes, I found this a much speedier and less fussy approach to the boarding process. At this point in production there was no reference for the set designs or general location, this was more an exercise in blocking the action to help marry the live with the CG character animation. To help guide the production process. It helped me when I came to work with the live action director on the series.

Rough sketch over live plate for design of fire-wings: Hunger  Games:

Rough layout sketch for Fish & Chips pilot:

Concept designs for a germs commercial pitch:

Rough layout sketch for Hipster & Jack pilot:

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