Saturday, 9 August 2014

More sketches for the Last Pope project.

This was a beefy villain character.
                        Below rough designs for madam president, loosely based on Sarah Palin.

Wanted to make him big in personality and size as well as smart.
Nando wanted to include John as one of the reporters in the film and myself as the news reader.

Even Nando made it as one of the characters, the villain eye patch and all (not that Nando wore an eye patch) 
And a profile sketch of John Martin., he had a good giggle with this one.

Various designs for a speculative feature, working closely with Fernando Ortigas and my very dear friend John Martin who sadly passed away quite recently. He was a pleasure to work with and always pushed for quality in all the projects. John was mostly based in the Philippines and helped in many ways to shape the animation industry in Manila. After his death the animation industry clubbed together with the help of Fernando Ortigas and formed a special tribute to John and named him as mentor in animation with his very own John Martin award which will be given each year to winners of excellence in the field of animation. John will be sadly missed.

This design for one of the popes in the film was loosely based on one of the pub owners in Manila, a friend of Nando and Johns.

Possibly one too many beers.
Here's an example of the John Martin award, I'm sure John's turning in his grave at the mere thought of this! still he deserves nothing less.


New designs and various sketches:

A tall white:

Rough squirrel designs.

                                                             Rough squirrel designs.

                                                     Angry man.."Are you looking at me!"
Bat design.

Woof woof!