Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cyprus Pictures and Sketches: October 2012

My lovely Cousin Maria Pallecaros next to dad. Central Bar, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Adam with young Alex, Maria and Cliff's son.
Central Bar, Cyprus.

The dude!

Adam, contemplating life.

Peole milling around, Cyprus.


Doodles and sketching tips for Adam.

Dad in the apartment, Cyprus-2012


Me Alex and Adam, Dionyssos Fish Tavern, Larnaca.

Cliff and Dad, Central Bar, Larnaca.

A wonderful day with Krytal, her Grandmother standing behind dad, She cooked the most amazing mea for all of us,, Dino on the far left me next to him, Dad, Adam and Krystal: Picture by Ryan Neal

Woman on the beach.

Cyprus Trip: Photos and Sketches: 3rd October-13th October 2012

The two Adams drinking coffee in the Central Cafe.

Dad with his new head dress, Dionyssosos Fish Tavern, Larnaca:

My father proved to be the perfect life drawing model.

Dad giving Adam and me some life advice.

Interesting face, reminded me of an eagle.


Woman on her mobile, while her husband drifts off.

Anatomy doodles.

Left, Customers at the Central Bar. Right, Man on beach.

The beach crowd.

Couple chatting on the beach.

Dad and Adam on the beach.

Another interesting shape, straights against curves.

Adam sketching me as I draw him, Look at the total concentration in his eyes!

More doodles.

Quick girly doodles.

More Girly doodles.


 Krystal, Ryan and Dino, Cyprus-0ct-2012 

View from the Central Bar.

Adam sunbathing on a Cyprus beach

There's that look of intense concentration... Yes he's sketching the sunworshipers.

Young woman on the baech checking her mobile messages... did he call...?

More doodles.

Left doodles, Right on the beach.

Various people on the beach.

Two large Russian men playing cards on the beach.


Left, man reading, Right, Adam relaxing. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


A character sketch for a personal project.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sketches from the TV

I sometimes reach for my pad when I suddenly get inspiration to sketch an interesting face, sometimes it's a very quick drawing and other times i might pause the tv and add detail to the sketch with the idea of working up the sketch later in photoshop.

My quick sketch of Toby Jones while watching Captain America.

Toby Jones with colour.

William Smith