Monday, 20 August 2012

Here are some pictures I took during the live action shoot on Hunger Games, In North Carolina

The director Gary Ross adjusting a prosthetic dummy of Glimmer, the unfortunate victim of the Tracker Jacker wasp attack: Picture by Dino Athanassiou

 In 2011 I had the great priveledge of working closely with Sheena Duggal the head VFX supervisor on the Hunger Games, and the great visionary director Gary Ross. I was asked to board the climatic mutation Mutt sequence on the film which required me to be on location NC in order to work closely with Gary Ross. I then went onto supervise the animation on both the tracker Jacker wasp sequence and the Mutt attack sequence at the end of the Hunger Games finally.

Above, a lighting reference model of one of the Mutts.... Spot the real Mutt...?  

On the shoot with Sheena Duggal the head VFX supervisor on HG and all round top woman.

Again, which one is the Mutt...?

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