Tuesday, 25 September 2012

HYDE rough thumbnail boards: Copyright: Stardust Studios LTD 2012

Here are a few examples of my Thumbnail boards on my personal feature project HYDE, based on the original short story "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" By Robert Louis Stevenson, The final script was written by my very good friend Simon Ward Horner, a talented artist, script writer and director who was able to realize my vision for the kind of story I wanted to see on the big screen.  What follows in the examples I've uploaded is a very rough sketch pass on how I see the film translating visually from the script.

The great thing about Simon's script and his overall style of writing is how visual and clear he describes the events.
The characters and action spring out from the page making the boarding process a shear pleasure to illustrate.

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The colour thumbnail page below is an example of how I used the Cinitq to get in close and add certain details, even colour, to help me flesh out the events and mood, in the end I discarded this method for the faster approach of sketching directly onto the actual hard copy script and scanning the finished pages of the script.
Once I am happy with the initial thumbnail blocking, the tie down boards are relatively fast and easy to execute.  It then becomes a process of deciding what will work as a wide shot, mid shot and close up, also adding extras in the way of setting up a locations,  adding pans and truck in's etc. 
 Henry Jekyll deep in thought, a rough colour pass.
A few experimental graphic panels for a version of HYDE as a graphic novel.
A few rough colour sketches for the opening shots for HYDE,

Slow cross dissolves as we reveal London's famous landmarks silhouetted against the smog filled sky's of old london,

Continue cross dissolves revealing more iconic landmark locations 

Eventually ending up in the slums of  Soho.

A possible look for Tanner, the convicted killer jekyll manages to experiment on before he is executed at the beginning of the story.
HYDE: Copyright: Stardust Studios LTD 2012

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